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MedXclusive offers root-focused primary care in Tallahassee, Florida. Our members benefit from personalized programs that not only address symptoms but also shape a healthier, proactive future.
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Dr. Wesley Vanderlan.

What is MedXclusive?

Creating a new era in primary care

MedXclusive was founded by Dr. Wesley Vanderlan, a Harvard and Yale University-trained trauma surgeon and critical care expert. 

Frustrated by the limitations of traditional healthcare (like brief visits and surface-level treatment), Dr. Vanderlan created MedXclusive to provide deep, lasting healthcare solutions – where patients not only heal, but optimize their overall function and longevity.

MedXclusive members reach peak health with the help of modern medicine, cutting-edge medical equipment, and holistic health programs.

At MedXclusive, our mission is simple:

To empower anyone, anywhere to take control of their well-being through accessible, cutting-edge medical care.

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